International Conference: AMMCS-2013

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, August 26-30, 2013

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AMMCS-2013 Venue: Wilfrid Laurier University Campus in Waterloo, Canada


Minisymposium (ID: SS-MIPD)

Mathematical Immunology and Pathogen Dynamics

Organizers: Jane Heffernan (CDM, Math & Stats, York U)

The immune system offers a sophisticated, natural and arguably the most reliable defense mechanism against many infectious diseases. Major advances in knowledge of the organization and function of the immune system and its interactions with infectious pathogens have been made very recently. Yet, significant gaps in knowledge continue to exist. While experimental research has made outstanding contributions by identification and physical characterization of the key components of immune system and their mutual interactions, an understanding of their dynamical behavior as these relate to suppression or persistence of an infection remains limited. Mathematical modelling of the immune system and pathogen dynamics has recently emerged as a major field of study (in the past few decades) and holds great promise in providing new insights into the dynamical processes intrinsic to mechanism and control of infectious diseases. This session includes studies of immune system and pathogen dynamics which contribute to the understanding of immune system protection against infectious diseases, and/or mechanisms and characteristics of pathogens enabling immune escape.

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