International Conference: AMMCS-2013

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, August 26-30, 2013

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AMMCS-2013 Venue: Wilfrid Laurier University Campus in Waterloo, Canada


AMMCS-2013 Plenary Talk

Optimization and Modeling in Energy Systems

Panos M. Pardalos, University of Florida

Abstract: For decades, power systems have been playing an important role in humanity. Industrialization has made energy consumption an inevitable part of daily life. Due to our dependence on fuel sources and our large demand for energy, power systems have become interdependent networks rather than remaining independent energy producers. This talk will focus on the problems arising in energy systems as well as recent advances in optimization and modeling to address these problems. Among the topics to be discussed are emission constrained hydrothermal scheduling, electricity and gas networks expansion, as well as reliability analysis of power grid.

Panos M. Pardalos serves as Distinguished Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida. He is also an affiliated faculty member of the Computer and Information Science Department, the Hellenic Studies Center, and the Biomedical Engineering Program. He is also the Director of the Center for Applied Optimization. Dr. Pardalos is a world leading expert in global and combinatorial optimization. His recent research interests include network design problems, optimization in telecommunications, e-commerce, data mining, biomedical applications, and massive computing.

AMMCS, 2013  

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